One of Capri’s most beautiful bays: Marina Piccola. Crystal clear sea, clean water and breathtaking views: what more could you ask for? Marina Piccola is in the southern part of the island, defended and protected by a steep rock wall. For this reason, the water is always warm and the area is not very windy, the ideal environment for many visitors who, even in winter and autumn, lie down in search of sunlight and a quick dip to regenerate.


The history of Marina Piccola: let’s discover it together


Marina Piccola was born as a small village of fishermen who spent most of their time there. A place reserved for a few up to 1880, when it was discovered by the famous German painter August Weber. August’s story is very particular: for years he lived inside a cave because he didn’t have the economic possibility to buy a real house. He was a guest of Ciro Spadaro, whose son, Francesco, appears in many of his paintings, as he represented the archetype of the fisherman of Capri. He married a local woman, began to work as a translator and created his own house in front of the beach of Marina Piccola, which became for him a great, enormous, fantastic source of inspiration.


How to visit Marina Piccola: here’s how you can reach it


Marina Piccola is located south of the island. To get there, follow these directions: from the Piazzetta, take the bus that leaves at the terminal, or walk down Via Roma, to the place called Due Golfi, and take the steps of Via Mulo. You’ll be there in a quarter of an hour!

If you plan to visit it, we suggest you to arrive in the morning, because the sun leaves very early (around 5 pm).