How can you not fall in love with such a historical, traditional and magical place, in Capri? We are talking about the Arco Naturale, a rock formation dating back to the Paleolithic Age, a real historical relic, deeply loved by all those who love history, art and architecture. But just a few know its history: let’s discover it together.


Arco Naturale’s history


Together with Faraglioni, Grotta Azzurra and Ville, the Arco Naturale represents a coveted destination for all tourists and art lovers. It’s a calcareous and arch-shaped structure, of karstic origins, the ruins of an ancient cave or a submarine cave.

Here are its dimensions:

  • 12 meters wide;
  • 18 meters high.

It’s set in the bay of Matermania and it turns its gaze towards the crystalline and shining water of the sea.

An interesting and suggestive angle of the Arco Naturale can be admired when you make a tour of the island by boat: it looks like the arch change its shape, turning into the trunk of an elephant. 


How to reach Arco Naturale

Sono due i modi in cui è possibile arrivare all’Arco Naturale. Scopriamoli insieme.

There are two ways to reach Arco Naturale. Let’s see it together.

1. From the Piazzetta, proceed along via Le Botteghe in the direction of Via Fuorlovado. Once on this road, proceed along via Croce and via Matermania. Once here, turn left and follow the signs for Arco Naturale. A pleasant 40 minute walk;

2. Also from the Piazzetta, proceed along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, turning onto Via Camerelle and continuing along via Tragara. Once in Pizzolungo, you embark on a spectacular journey through the wild nature of the island, arriving at your destination.