A walk through the natural wonders that the island of Capri offers, every day, to its visitors. A walk to discover historical corners, which have characterized the beauty of this territory that’s not just loved nationally but also internationally. A nice chat about the monuments, the works, the structures that have made it the subject of many artistic events, the subject of many paintings by the most famous painters. Let’s start from Via Krupp and then get to the Giardini di Augusto (Gardens of Augustus)

Via Krupp


The road was named after the German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp. It was early 1900s, when Friedrich loved to spend his vacations on the island of Capri. He loved the seabed and he commissioned engineer Emilio Mayer to build a road to connect Marina Piccola to the Gardens of Augustus, to facilitate his movements. The engineer Mayer decided to cut the rock and build via Krupp, which was born from the fusion of several hairpin bends, so narrow that they almost seem overlapping.


Gardens of Augustus


When we talk about the “Gardens of Augustus”, we refer to a spectacular natural space, loved by all those who love botany. They were born in the property of the industrialist Krupp (to whom the homonymous street is dedicated) and for many years they were called “Krupp’s Gardens”. 

The gardens are characterized by a terrace-like structure that overlooks the sea, a clear and evident testimony of the rich flora of the island of Capri, with its beautiful plants and flowers, such as geraniums, dahlias and brooms. From the Gardens you can admire the island in its complete beauty, with a breathtaking view of all the wonders that Capri offers: artistic, architectural and natural. 

How not to mention the monument in honor of Lenin, one of a kind, commissioned by the Soviet embassy and created by the sculptor Giacomo Manzù. A structure made of marble, 5 meters high, that was kept, for years, in the house of the Russian writer Maksim Gor’kij.


How do you get to Via Krupp and the Gardens of Augustus?

Starting from the Piazzetta, continue walking towards Via Vittorio Emanuele and proceed along Via Federico Serena. Continue on Via Matteotti and easily reach the Gardens of Augustus. 

The entrance fee is 1 euro and it’s possible to visit it every period of the year. To know the visiting hours, we suggest you to ask information at the info-point in Marina Grande or in Piazzetta.