During the walks to discover the most beautiful corners of the island of Capri, we have to stop our attention on Pizzolungo: a path a few kilometers long, from which you can admire the beauty, the wonders, the uniqueness of the island, in the name of the history and the tradition of Capri.


The path of Pizzolungo: follow us in this journey


The first place to visit is the Arco Naturale, a wonder that dates back to the Paleolithic age. 

Continuing towards the stairs we will arrive at the second wonder: the cave of Matermania. A nymphaeum from the Roman era, whose origins have intrigued many historical scholars. 

The third place of this wonderful journey is Villa Lysis, home of Count Fersen. Going down towards the sea, a breathtaking view from which it’s possible to admire the beauty of the three Faraglioni (stacks).

To get to the Pizzolungo Path, starting from the Piazzetta, you have to go on via Le Botteghe, via Croce and Matermania, arriving at the Arco Naturale.

Three reasons why you should walk through the path of Pizzolungo


If you want to live an experience in the name of nature and the beauty it offers to us, if you want to immerse yourself in the rich and spectacular flora of the Mediterranean, if you want to enjoy the silence of an eternal and magical place, you must make this journey: arm yourself with comfortable shoes, water bottles and immerse yourself in this natural wonder.